The Gooduse Microdesk

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The Microdesk is a desktop organiser designed to make your work space more efficient and ergonomic.
Removing the need for keeping documents to either side of your keyboard, this tool helps speed up work by making documents easier to read, while simultaneously encouraging you to maintain a more ergonomic posture at your desk.

The Microdesk is also fully customisable, allowing you to adjust it to the configuration of your desk.

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About the Microdesk
The Microdesk is a fully adjustable addition to your workspace, designed to let you manage notes and documents. Be this for reference, copying or reading, having the notes in front of you prevents awkward twisting and removes clutter from your desk.

The Microdesk allows for a more ergonomic working posture. This means less twisting of the back and less overextending and reaching of the arms. This allows for a healthier work method and will optimise your ability to work at your desk. On top of that, the miniature desk is very easy to adjust and customise to your workspace while still allowing unhindered access to your computer and keyboard.

For More Info
Please visit the Microdesk’s website by clicking here


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